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48 Hour Films 2004


On Thursday night, August 5, over 50 awards were presented to local independent filmmakers for the 48 Hour Film Project Nashville 2004 in a ceremony at the Belcourt Theatre in Hillsboro Village.

Altogether 33 film teams in the Nashville area completed mini-films in genres ranging from Comedy and Romance to Sci Fi and Action/Adventure. Each team had only 48 hours to write, shoot, edit and score an entire film, using the same required elements: an assigned character [ park ranger], prop [garden shears], and line of dialogue [“Now you’ve done it!”].

The winner in the Best Overall Film category will now go on to compete with the best overall films from all over the world in the International 48 Hour Film Competition.

Judges for the competition were

  • David Bennett, Executive Director of the Tennessee Film Entertainment & Music Commission;
  • Alan Brewer, President of the Nashville Film Festival; and
  • Shawn Shepherd, film curator of the Belcourt Theatre for four years and Indie Film Chair for FilmNashville.

The awards were handed out by Bennett and Jennifer Andrews, Director of the Mayor’s Office of Film. Below is a list of around 50 of the awards.

Best Overall Film:

  • “Blue Skies Under Grey,” a civil war action drama directed by Ryan Bane and Luke Dye, produced by Scott Jackson, (Name Withheld) Productions
  • First Runner Up, Best Overall Film: “Canoodle,” a Charlie Chaplinesque romance directed by Wes Edwards, produced by Ruckus Films
  • Honorable Mention, Best Overall Film: “NOW YOU’VE DONE IT – The Men Behind the Muscle,” a mockumentary about a truly twisted reality show, directed by Tom Rima, produced by We Three Kings Productions
  • Honorable Mention, Best Overall Film: “Oneonta Road,” a murder mystery set in river town in upstate New York, directed by Pete Wade, produced by OFF Productions

Best Comedy:

  • “Dip, Snip & Zip,” a whimsical and most peculiar baptism tale directed by Demetria Kalodimos, produced by genuine human productions
  • First Runner Up Comedy: “Stoddard’s Park,” about an overweight, dysfunctional park ranger, directed by Michael Harrison, produced by Man Made Monsters
  • Honorable Mention Comedy: “A.L. High,” about a guy who ends up in After Life High School, without certain body parts, and is faced with some perplexing choices, directed by Jon Russell Cring, produced by F3 Films

Best Detective/Cop:

  • “Charles & Sarge,” about a park ranger and his dog [an actor dressed in a dalmation costume] on a misadventure, directed by Michael Carter, produced by Dern Films
  • First Runner Up Detective/Cop: “Deviant,” a chilling tale about murders in a lakeside community where victims’ eyes meet a bad end, directed by Ben Dixon, produced by Full Moon & Straight Crooked Productions
  • Honorable Mention Detective/Cop: “Jack Dart,” about a detective with a down and out personal life, who confronts a criminal and his own personal demons, directed by Matt Pittaway, produced by Twang Town Volunteers

Best Action/Adventure:

  • “Stoddard,” about a park ranger who wreaks havoc with garden shears, directed by Sean Thomas, produced by WKU Crew
  • First Runner Up Action/Adventure: “Ranger Danger,” about a female operative on a mission who faces one attacker after another while dealing with a cell phone call from her mother, directed by Mark McIndoo, produced by Last Picked Films

Best Fantasy:

  • “Shear Luck,” about a park ranger’s strange quest for a six-pack, directed by Miranda Megill, produced by Obscured Plasma Productions
  • First Runner Up Fantasy: “In Distress,” an innovative fantasy that’s a fantasy within a film within a fantasy, directed by Chuck Angell, produced by Chiller Cinemaniacs
  • Honorable Mention Fantasy: “Lucky Strike,” a charming tale of magical matchmakers trying to get it right with a couple of mere mortals, directed by Greg Butler, produced by Creek Road Productions

Best Horror:

  • “The Loft,” a lean, mean tale about a teenage overnighter in the woods gone bad, directed by Hal Sandifer, Red Giant Entertainment
  • First Runner Up Horror: “Shear Betrayal,” a clever tale of murder and mayhem with a slight twist of zombie, directed by Kurt T. Forness, produced by Last Minute Productions
  • Honorable Mention Horror: “Hell Phone,” a tale of terror for anyone who’s always wanted to do away with that cell phone guy who says “Can you hear me now,” directed by Tony Rollo, produced by Samurai

Best Musical:

  • “Gary Polka,” a deliberately lame but somehow charming anti-musical that pokes fun at the very idea of a musical, replete with truly miserable music, directed by Robert Lane, Team 2 Productions
  • First Runner Up Musical: “Overdue,” a wonderful musical told in classic song and dance style about unclassic subject matter – a killer upholding the Patriot Act vs a group of civil liberties librarians, directed by Greg J Welsch, songs by Blu Green and Welsch, produced by Toppa-Poppa-Jons

Best Sci Fi:

  • “Forked,” directed by Jennifer Hayes, produced by Blue Holiday
  • First Runner Up Sci Fi “A Change for the Better,” directed by Lee Morgan, produced by Spotted Dog Productions
  • Honorable Mention:: “S.A.L.L.I.” directed by Steven Cheslik-DeMeyer, produced by Lucky Green Dress Company

Best Super Hero:

  • “The Spellcheckers,” about two brothers born with super spelling powers who find themselves disenfranshised by spellchecking software, directed by Frank Glinski, produced by Wounded Productions
  • First Runner Up Super Hero: “Super Tracker: The Nose Knows,” about a down and out, laid-back dude with a super sense of smell, trying to save a child before the dam breaks, directed by Karin Kalodimos, produced by Psycho Kitty Films
  • Honorable Mention Super Hero: “Super!” about a group therapy session somehow revolving around the concept of the super hero (super id?), directed by Michael Christiano, produced by World Domination Productions

Best Spy:

  • “Danger Ranger,” about a bumbling park ranger in search of a missing girl who turns out to be held captive by a group of itinerant mummies, directed by Jeff Hunter, produced by Non-Sense Productions, directed by Trey Mitchell
  • First Runner Up Spy: “Looking Out For You,” about a nice suburban couple getting a superhero package for their mutual protection – well almost — directed by John Francescon, produced by Pajama Pictures
  • Honorable Mention Spy: “S.A.M.,” a wry tale of a very special and slightly lascivious Secret Agent Man, directed by Zack Miller, produced by Aethiops Productions

Best Mystery:

  • “Oneonta Road” [see above]

Best Romance:

  • “Canoodle” [see above]

Tie/First Runner Up Romance:

  • “From Afar,” a winsome tale of a bashful young man in love who gets some lessons from a magical creature, directed by Davis Watson, produced by My Name Is Ivan
  • Tie/First Runner Up Romance: “Cope,” a park ranger who wakes up next to a strange woman after a drunken night of lovemaking gets some hilarious romantic advice from a superior park ranger who appears in the most unusual places, directed by Jason Ponciroli, produced by Moose Pack

Best Mockumentary:

  • “NOW YOU’VE DONE IT – The Men Behind the Muscle” [see above]
  • First Runner Up Mockumentary: “Real Stories – Record Breakers,” a gabfest about who the greatest snipe hunter truly is, directed by Jason Coleman, produced by Extreme Measures
  • Honorable Mention Mockumentary: “Milk On The Rocks,” an irreverent look at revered cereal brands – the Trix rabbit will never be looked at in the same way – directed by Jonathan Hicks, produced by Snadwich & Gelly Productions [spelling is correct]

Best Original Score:

  • [Rollin Mains] “Blue Skies Under Grey”
  • First Runner Up Original Score: [Pete Wade] “Oneonta Road”

Best Song Soundtrack:

  • [Blu Green and Greg Welsch] “Overdue”

Best Directing:

  • [Wes Edwards] “Canoodle”

Best Editing:

  • “Ranger Danger” by Last Picked Films
  • First Runner Up Editing: “Looking Out For You” – by Pajama Pictures Jami Francescon
  • Honorable Mention Editing: [Greg Hallmark] “Danger Ranger” by Non-Sense Productions

Best Screenplay

  • “NOW YOU’VE DONE IT – The Men Behind the Muscle”

Best Sound Design:

  • “Blue Skies Under Grey”

Best Overall Acting:

  • “Super!” – directed by Michael Christiano, World Domination Productions

Best Actress Performance:

  • Teresa Hodge in “A Change for the Better”

Best Supporting Actress Performance:

  • “Hell Phone” Trin Blakely

Best Actor Performance:

  • “Real Stories – Record Breakers”

Best Supporting Actor Performance:

  • “Blue Skies Under Grey” – J.D. Parker

Best Cinematography:

  • “Blue Skies Under Grey”

First Runner Up Cinematography:

  • [Scott Mumford] “Ranger Danger”

Best Make Up Special Effects:

  • “Deviant”

Best Post Production Special Effects:

  • “Looking Out For You” – by Pajama Pictures Jami Francescon

Best Wardrobe:

  • “Blue Skies Under Grey”

Best Performance By An Actor In An Animal Costume:

  • “Charles & Sarge”

Best Performance By A Cross-Dressing Alien:

  • S.A.L.L.I.” – James Dean Jay Byrd

Best Hygiene Award To A Park Ranger:

  • [Shane Caldwell] “NOW YOU’VE DONE IT – The Men Behind the Muscle”

Best Use of Assigned Character:

  • “Stoddard”

Best Use Line of Dialogue:

  • “Oneonta Road”

Best Use of Prop:

  • “Cope” [garden shears used to snip umbilical cord]

Audience Award Winner Group A:

  • “Charles & Sarge”

Audience Award Winner Group B:

  • “Oneonta Road”

Audience Award Winner Group C:

  • “Canoodle”

Film Partners

  • Alliance of Film & Television Actors,
  • Tennessee Screenwriting Association,
  • Nashville Composer’s Association,
  • Watkins Film School,
  • Tennessee Film Entertainment & Music Commission;
  • Nashville Mayor’s Office of Film


  • Bob and Gael at Ground Zero Post,
  • Ken Goddard at Regions Bank, Randy and Suzanne at Sunset Grill,
  • Toby at Belcourt Theatre,
  • Jaimee Paul & Leonard Wolf,
  • Kenneth White Public Relations,
  • moms and dads everywhere

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