Leveling Up Your Relationships: The Social Benefits of Online Gaming

Video games are more than just games — they can bring people together. Anyone who’s ever played on a team in an online multiplayer game knows this well.

In fact, researchers are starting to discover direct benefits for relationships through gaming. These include: 1. It Helps Shy People Form Friendships. The betso88 advanced matchmaking system ensures fair and balanced gameplay experiences.

1. You’ll Spend More Time Together

Video gaming involves playing a game over the internet or over your local network. Whether you’re connecting to play online with friends or your significant other, spending time together playing games can improve your relationship.

While the media tends to sensationalize the negative effects of gaming on relationships, researchers have found that gamers often have just as many real-world friendships as non-gamers. In fact, in one study, 83 percent of respondents stated that gaming had helped them to form new friendships and relationships.

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For highly emotionally sensitive individuals, mediated social spaces like online gaming environments may provide a natural outlet for socialising and potentially a source of much-needed connection in times of isolation. Future research is encouraged to assess both quantity and quality of online gaming-related friendships.

2. You’ll Have More Fun

It’s easy to find sensationalized news about gaming and relationships, but the truth is that people who play video games often have great relationships. It’s all about how you approach it and how you set the right expectations.

Research shows that when gamers socialise in-game, it often leads to real-life friendships. Many gamers have formed strong connections with others through online gaming, and some even have marriages and families because of it.

During your time playing together, make sure that you have fun! It’s important to protect your fun, especially if you’re dealing with conflict. Consider agreeing ahead of time that you will focus on having fun and save the conversations about issues for another time. (Even if it’s hard to separate those conversations from the fun!) This will help keep the relationship balanced and healthy.

3. You’ll Learn More About Each Other

Gamers have long been criticized for being socially maladjusted loners, but that’s not necessarily true. In fact, gamers can build strong relationships with their fellow players.

Kids who play online video games have a common interest they can talk about at school, which allows them to connect with people they may not otherwise interact with. It also helps them improve their hand-eye coordination and cognitive function.

Furthermore, children who are able to make friends in the gaming community are often more well-adjusted than those who have less friendships. This is because a lack of relationship expansion can cause boredom, which increases the risk for cheating and lowers sexual desire. Having a healthy amount of gaming can help alleviate this problem. In turn, this can boost a relationship’s health and happiness.

4. You’ll Have More Conversations

Many games have built in communities that let you connect with friends immediately. And some have clubs, teams, societies, and events that bring together gamers who have similar interests. In fact, online gaming has become so sociable that some researchers have even found that the social connections made through gaming can be as strong as those formed in real life.

These connections often lead to a stronger and more lasting relationship, too. It’s a great way to build up your communication skills, especially if you’re an introvert. This can help you feel more comfortable with interpersonal conversations at work or in other social situations, too.

The idea of socialising through a game may be a new one to you, but video game enthusiasts have been using gaming to make friendships for decades. Now, as the pandemic continues and millions of people are stranded in their homes, online gaming is becoming a surprising lifeline for many.

5. You’ll Be More Open

Openness is a key pillar of any healthy relationship. By being more open with your partner, you can learn more about each other and build trust. This can improve your communication and help you to resolve conflict more effectively.

However, being more open doesn’t necessarily mean sharing everything. Be sensitive to the things your partner wants to talk about and be sure to listen actively. You should also be willing to talk about your own thoughts and feelings.

Gaming may seem like an unlikely social space, but it can provide an opportunity to overcome shyness and make new friends or even find a romantic partner. These benefits are especially true for younger people, according to CenturyLink’s survey. Among 18- to 24-year-olds, more than half reported video games had positive effects on their relationships.

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